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Attracting both young and old, internet Bingo is one of the most popular online games around. Why? Well, mainly because the game itself is very simple and easy to understand, the bingo rules are not complicated and there is very little skill involved.
How Do You Play Internet Bingo Games?

To play the game of Bingo all you have to do is to purchase Bingo cards – this can be as few as 1 or as many as 100 cards per game. Then, all a player need do is to watch as the numbers generated by a computer are called. It’s so simple because with internet Bingo the numbers called are then usually automatically marked on a players’ Bingo cards. This is useful as it prevents players from making mistakes. Before a Bingo game begins, players are told of the winning pattern to be followed on their cards and the first player whose card has all the numbers called, in that pattern, is the winner. It can happen that more than one player completes the pattern, in which case the prize money is shared.
How Much Does it Cost to Play Internet Bingo Games?

Internet Bingo games’ players can play either, free Bingo games and there are many internet Bingo games to choose from, or play for real money and be rewarded with real cash prizes ( please see our Online Bingo Guide). Bingo cards in the real money Bingo world, generally range from 2 cents to 50 cents per card??? and the more cards players buy and play with, the more chance they have of winning. And if you’re wondering if winning is easy or difficult, here’s a statistic that will make experienced players and new players sit up and take notice… 96% of all internet Bingo games’ players have won at some point while playing! That’s a pretty good number! And with an estimated 14 billion internet Bingo games’ players worldwide – of whom just over 4 billion are under the age of 30 – you’re in good company.